Why choose Restore

Honest advice no false promises

Keeping our commitment

Full attention to work details

Full & free after-surgery-care

Keeping abreast of latest developments in Hair Transplants

No damage. We have a strict policy of controlling damage to your hair follicles & we keep the damage to near 0%. We do not waste a single follicle
Our Clients Come First.

We provide the American and European Standard Services before, during and after Hair Transplant Surgery

We do not have any Rent-a-doctor who are neither accountable nor trained.

We do not have any employee surgeons, who are more interested in salary than performance. *This is a surgeon-run center fully responsible for our commitments.

Direct consultation with the surgeon therefore bypassing false promises by commission-driven marketing staff

Decent pricing

No hidden charges during or after surgery

One of The Most Experienced and largest team of Hair Techs so we can implant any number of hair in a single session

More than 90% of materials used in Hair transplantation at our clinic are completely disposable

We are proud of creating totally undetectable and very natural looking hair lines with a kind of density very few surgeons across the globe can match

We use the finest Imported instrumentation. Our slit-making instruments are smaller (0.2 mm) than anybody else in the country including old-fashioned hair Transplant clinics no matter what they claim!

Simply at RESTORE INTERNATIONAL, We follow the American standards of service & ethics!

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