Why choose Restore

  • Honest advice no false promises
  • Keeping our commitment
  • Full attention to work details
  • Full & free after-surgery-care
  • Keeping abreast of latest developments in Hair Transplants
  • No damage. We have a strict policy of controlling damage to your hair follicles & we keep the damage to near 0%. We do not waste a single follicle
  • Our Clients Come First. We provide the American and European Standard Services before, during and after Hair Transplant Surgery
  • We do not have any Rent-a-doctor who are neither accountable nor trained.
  • We do not have any employee surgeons, who are more interested in salary than performance. *This is a surgeon-run center fully responsible for our commitments.
  • Direct consultation with the surgeon therefore bypassing false promises by commission-driven marketing staff
  • Decent pricing
  • No hidden charges during or after surgery
  • One of The Most Experienced and largest team of Hair Techs so we can implant any number of hair in a single session
  • More than 90% of materials used in Hair transplantation at our clinic are completely disposable
  • We are proud of creating totally undetectable and very natural looking hair lines with a kind of density very few surgeons across the globe can match
  • We use the finest Imported instrumentation. Our slit-making instruments are smaller (0.2 mm) than anybody else in the country including old-fashioned hair Transplant clinics no matter what they claim!

Simply at RESTORE INTERNATIONAL, We follow the American standards of service & ethics!



Dr. Naeem Arshad

MBBS (K.E.) FRCS (UK) Hair Restoration & Cosmetic Surgeon.

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