Male Hair Loss

The Hair Loss affects men dominantly. The incidence of hair loss is almost similar globally.

There are two major causes of Hair loss in Men:

1. Androgenetic Alopecia: It is hereditary and familial. It travels in Families. The Hair loss genes are passes from parents to the sons. The foremost influence comes from Father and second commonest influence comes from Mother side. The person who is destined to loose hair genetically inherits Hair Loss Genes on their hair roots but this inheritance alone is not sufficient to bring about the hair loss. In fact it couples up with production of Male hormone production and these two together bring about the hair loss. The male hormone Testosterone begins to be produced by the ages 14-16 years in boys. A part of this hormone gets converted to Di-Hydro-Testosterone (DHT) by an enzyme "5-alpha reductase Type II" found in the skin. It is this hormone break-down product, DHT, which enters the roots of genetically susceptible hair and makes them weak over 4-5 years and causes them to be lost. Firstly the hair become weak and thin, then their growth becomes slow and eventually they are completely lost. This causes the Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). Androgenetic Alopecia affects 99% of people who suffer baldness.

2. Diseases of Skin and Hair Roots: These all disorders affect about 1% people who suffer baldness. Different types of scarring and Non-scarring Alopecias and Recurrent chronic Inflammatory diseases may causes baldness.

Very Effective Medications are available to treat both theses conditions if properly started in good time!